Friday, February 03, 2012


AbilID Services announces launch of an online authentication service aimed to enhance realtime relationships between buyers & sellers. opens doors to realtime credibility services:  A new evolution in personal information validation and online commerce.

Las Vegas, NV, February 03rd, 2012: announces the release of a web-based service allowing individuals to create an online "credibility & confidence" profile. By utilizing real world & online information sources to generate this profile a person can create sharable access to their validated information while tracking the access of when and how it is seen.


At, an individual creates a profile by providing and connecting various sources of personal information, as well as validating any data found online, much like a traditional credit or background search. When completed, the individual can review, verify, or dispute any data found. Then, based on the reliability of this collected data, AbilID establishes a personal Confidence Score™ for that individual.

They can now review, edit, and revise an even more secure profile (and updated Confidence Score) that is shareable to others via a secure key system. AbilID allows maximum control of the individual’s personal information, and empowers them to discover further information that is publicly available.

Every day, people instinctively evaluate the relationships between themselves and others. This could occasionally be as serious as potentially trusting a stranger who just showed up lease your extra room. These types of risk evaluations are done every day, and occur at lightning speed in the real world — when you can “size up” someone face-to-face. But online, this is a different story.

AbilID extends the power of these “real world evaluations” for use by the online public, in real time. We believe this ability is a vital process for earning trust and establishing credibility within a relationship, whether big or small. Enabling individuals and groups to evaluate risk, and apply those details toward the value of a situation creates a more comfortable, secure, and collaborative interaction. — It allows us to conduct ourselves as more “human” in an online digital world.

AbilID’s engineering team has an extensive background in developing quantitative & risk mitigation and analytical systems. They have provided e-business services for Fortune 500 companies for over 17 years, successfully vetted nearly 5 Million profile evaluations, and managed in excess of $100 Million in online commerce risk evaluations. AbilID is already working with multiple vendors to provide similar services in the online and land-based retail venues. is currently launched as an "invite only" service, with a full public launch scheduled for March 23rd, 2012.
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Monday, January 30, 2012

AbilID is Going Live Within the Next Couple Days!

This week, software development and design team, TSĒVO (Transēvo Digital Business), along with development partners OLTTWA, announced its new online ID vetting, authentication, and risk mitigation service product., will go live as a soft launch within the next few days, and promises to bring its proven product platform to the high risk enterprise commerce market before the end of the first quarter 2012.

AbilID is launching this service with core engineering team partners, Transēvo, an established systems design company with over 17 years of experience in its field. Transēvo has established itself as a qualified leader in developing online risk mitigation and analytical systems for the customer verification market. Their unmatched capabilities have resulted in a proven success record of nearly 5 Million individual account accreditations, and in excess of $100 Million in online commerce risk evaluations under their belt. Transēvo has designed and developed eBusiness products and solutions that address real world problems for upwards of 50 Million people across the globe every day.

This online service is their most recent foray in their “direct-to-the-people” product initiative.

AbilID opens new doors to providing realtime credibility services for U.S. online gaming market: This newly revised and supercharged ID authentication product aims to revolutionize the online industry of risk assessment & credibility scoring. These abilities have prominent applications for realtime collaborative and commercial relationships between merchants & customers of all sizes.

- AbilID and the Online Gaming Market -

Accelerated by the recent emergence of U.S. online gaming due to decisions with the U.S. Federal Wire Act, AbilID and their vastly evolved services, wealth of diverse data assets, and qualified depth of experience in this industry can provide you vital identity and consumer intelligence, as well as information delivery options, to businesses entering this lucrative space. AbilID services focuses on covering the intricate regulatory necessities for the clients in legalized gaming regions — which can be easily translated and implemented to the developing U.S. market with our automated suite of capabilities, valuable expertise, and insight. By using more than 200 discrete real world & online data sources when calculating each personal risk assessment, the ROI to your business is immeasurable.

By focusing on regulatory standards and advanced customer analytics, AbilID maintains an ongoing account appraisal process as a realtime, in-demand service standard: regularly reassessing customer accounts in realtime, observing smart data monitoring for continual account reevaluation and fraud prevention, identifying signs of misuse, unauthorized use, or underage use of an account. The confidence that your accounts are both accurate and authentic, long before the time of any membership or transaction processing takes place, providing you the necessary skills to both manage and maximize your customer relationships and their ongoing potential:
  • Heightened security for your day-to-day business operations.
  • Accelerated site traffic due to faster, automated customer approval processes.
  • Prevention of underage minors from accessing, viewing, or purchasing age restricted content.
  • Increased customer satisfaction by soliciting minimal identifying personal information from consumers.
  • Scalable and customizable risk and limit settings based on your site needs and customer base.
  • Significantly reduced identity theft, payment fraud, and return percentages.
  • Decreased chargebacks for your eCommerce processing.
  • Hardened data protection to secure your business from unauthorized access.

We look forward to telling you more upon launch day!

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Friday, January 20, 2012

AbilID Has Some Big News Coming on Monday!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we’ll have a big BIG announcement for AbilID Services coming at you on Monday, January 23rd. — Yep, just three days from now!

So stay in touch. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on the excitement!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Welcome to Our Brand New Blogspot Site!

AbilID Services are quite happy to announce that we now have a regular home here at Blogspot, and we hope you’ll choose to follow us in our regular updates regarding our ID verification and authentication technology in order to ease your new business relationship worries.

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